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본 연구 그룹은 수소전지, 수전해, 이차전지 및 전기화학 응용에

관련된 소재 및 시스템을 연구하고 있으며, 

같이 연구할 대학원생과 학부연구생을 모집하고 있습니다


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  • [취업] 2024, 임다미, 현대자동차 R&D (클릭 Alumni)


  • [취업] 2023, 김민하, 현대제철 R&D (클릭 Alumni)

  • [취업] 2022, 이학주, 현대자동차 R&D (클릭 Alumni)

  • [취업] 2022, 이우준, 현대자동차 R&D (클릭 Alumni)


[Recent Publications]

  • [전고체전해질] "Heterogeneous Double-Layered Hybrid Solid Electrolyte with a Concentration-Gradient Structure for High-Performance All-Solid-State Li Batteries", Energy Storage Materials 64 (2024) 103080

  • [수전해 촉매] “Spherical Ni-doped cobalt phosphide as an anode catalyst for oxygen evolution reaction in alkaline media:", Deok-Hye Park et al. Applied Catalysis B, 327 (2023) 122444

  • [리튬황전지] “VN/rGO composite structure as an interlayer with dual lithium polysulfide adsorption effect for lithium-sulfur batteries", Yu-Yeon Park et al. Journal of Alloys and Compounds 960 (2023) 170812

  • [신개념수전해] “Lithium-ion exchange membrane water electrolysis using a cationic polymer-modified polyethersulfone membrane", Deok-Hye Park et al, ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, 11(27) (2023) 10183


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